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We hope you enjoy touring through beadaroo, exploring projects, reading articles, and learning new techniques. A face behind the site is often nice - who are you dealing with? why are they here? what motivates them? We'd like to use this page to introduce ourselves, personalize the site a bit and describe the forces behind the creation of beadaroo.

Who are we?

Located in Mountain View, California, beadaroo was founded in July, 2000, with an Internet launch in November of 2001. We're striving to be not just a place to purchase beads, but also a place to find answers to beading questions, tips for easier beading, communities of other beaders and inspiration for new projects.

We're working hard to become a dynamic destination and hope to be part of your daily routine.

Why were we founded?

beadaroo was founded by a small group of avid beaders with a desire to share the passion with others. Fortunately, several were also web developers, and beadaroo was born!

But why another web site? There are already many out there!

Many of the sites are bead suppliers, some are communities, and others are beading resource centers. We hope to fuse all three of these types of sites into one, easy-to-use site that interests both beginning and experienced beaders alike.

However, to do this, we need your help. Let us know what you like and don't like about the site. We take every suggestion seriously and want to hear back from you, our audience.

Where did the name beadaroo come from?

Our president's younger brother named the company. When asked what he thought about our original company name, Al-Rassan, for the Guy Gavriel Kay novel The Lions of Al-Rassan, he responded, "Yuck. You should have bead in the name. How about beadaboo or beadaroo?" The name stuck.

How about our mission statement?

Our mission is to:
  • have fun;
  • do great work (both with our beading and our web site);
  • provide fantastic customer service to our members and clients;
  • generate sustainable corporate growth;
  • and give back to the community.
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