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Project Submission Guidelines

While we here at beadaroo have a great staff of creative beaders, we don't pretend to be able to interest every other beader out there! For that, we need your help!

If you have a piece you have created, a project you have developed, or a concept of a new work you would like to share with us, we are interested in reviewing it for inclusion on our site!

Assertion of Original Work

By submitting projects to us, you are asserting that you:
  1. are the original developer of the project and/or piece,
  2. own the copyright to any and all images, instructions or text submitted for the project, and
  3. are submitting the work for consideration of inclusion on beadaroo's projects page.

Non-exclusive Permission to Use Project

In submitting a project, you are not giving up any rights of ownership of your work. We will ask for non-exclusive permission to publish your works if your project is accepted.

However, we will maintain the copyright to all images we take of the individual pieces we make of your project. If we write the instructions for making a particular piece, we will own the copyright to that text, also.

Because projects that are inspired by the same idea (another work, a particular artist or event) can look similar, we can accept only the first representative of a project. If shown definitively that the rights of a project belong to another source, we will credit that source on our site in addition to the person that provided the submission to us.

We highly discourage breaking copyright laws and will not knowingly aid others in abusing them.

What We Do With a Submission

When we receive a submission, it immediately goes into our project submission gallery for review by our editors. All projects are entered into the gallery, and all projects are reviewed.

Next, we have a weekly review of projects submitted. At this point, we remove any project that is

  1. similar to projects we have already published,
  2. similar to projects we are currently developing
  3. similar to other projects we are reviewing that were submitted prior to this project, or
  4. similar to projects we know have been published from other sources

At this point, we now have a list of projects we believe to be original, creative, fun and exciting. And now is the hardest part of the process. While we are not judging the projects submitted, we have only so many resources we can dedicate to adding new projects. As a result, we have to choose the best project based on our selection criteria:

  1. Broad appeal to other beaders: Because of limited resources, we want to publish projects that appeal to the largest number of beaders of various disciplines.
  2. Ease of instructions: A project can be difficult or intended for advanced beaders. However, we have to be able to explain how to create the project (in the cases where we write the instructions).
  3. Variation possibilities: A project that can be altered slightly to produce a new work is highly desired. We love having variations on a theme!

When we have selected a project, materials are purchased and one of our staff beaders makes multiple versions of the projects, photographing the work during the creation. During this process, instructions are written and refined. When the piece and instructions are done, we publish. Typically, we have three or more projects in development at any given time.

Submitting a Project

When submitting a project, images work best to convey your project or idea. The project submission page has a location where you can upload a file during the projects submission. We accept GIF, JPEG and TIFF images. We also accept ideas without actual pieces, if that works better for you.

If all of this sounds reasonable to you (if it doesn't, let us know), and you have a project, idea, piece or instructions you'd like to submit for publication on beadaroo, please proceed to our project submission page.

If you have a passion for beading and enjoy creating new and interesting projects for others to do, please consider applying for a position of Project Developer. This can be a telecommute/remote position, if necessary.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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