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  Spacer Bar Variations and Ideas

The great part of any beading project is customizing it, so that it reflects your personality. Here are some variations to inspire you!

If you have a variation you'd like to add, we'd love if you would share with us!

These examples are variations of our How to Make Your Own Spacer Bars project.

Variation categories: Add Spirals :  Add Charms :  Add Chain and Crystal :  Add Beads 

Add Spirals
  Adding spirals is easy, and adds character to a spacer bar. Spirals make a spacer bar artful as well as functional.


  For more tips and tricks with spirals, see our spiral technique tutorial.
Add Charms
 You can add wire wrapped charms to your spacer bars.

After making a coil, add the wrapped charm to the wire before making the next coil.

Add Chain and Crystal
 Adding crystal linked by chain to a spacer bar adds an elegant touch!
Add Beads
 You can add beads in the middle of the work.

After making one coil, add a bead, then make the next coil.


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