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What's New?


Techniques in Beadwork

Following are instructions on beading techniques we've learned over the years. This collection isn't complete yet, and for that, we need your help. If you have instructions for a technique not listed here, let us know! We'd want to add it to our site!

Basics Techniques

Most resources about beading and beadwork, whether books or classes, include these basic techniques. Once you have mastered these techniques, you will be able to recreate most pieces you see in stores. Each of these techniques is also listed in one of the technique categories below.

Getting StartedStringing Techniques

In this category you'll find techniques used when stringing beads. Finishing techniques, such as how to attach clasps, are explored, as well as clam shell and knotting techniques.

Wire LoopsWirework Techniques

These are the techniques most often used when working with wire in beadwork. In this category you'll find instructions on how to make a wire loop, wrap a wire loop, open and close a jump ring, as well as how to make less common shapes such as figure eights and coils.

Seed BeadsSeed Bead Techniques

In this section, you'll find techniques and stitches commonly used with seed beads. We include various stitches including brick stitch, peyote stitch with variations and right angle weaves, as well beginning and finishing techniques such as threading a needle and finishing knots.

What's New?

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