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What's New?


How to Make a Wire Spiral

Wire spirals add a touch of flair to any project! With spirals, you can make a head pin, create a spacer or accent a bracelet - the possibilities are endless!

If you need your spiral to be a perfect circle, use the following instructions. If your spiral can be more oval in shape, use the second, quick spiral technique.

  1. Trim a piece of wire and straighten it.

  2. Squish the tip of the wire flat. This will allow the wire end to wrap cleanly into the spiral.

  3. Grasp the very tip of the wire with your round nose pliers. Loop the wire around the pliers to make a small P.

  4. Without releasing the wire, continue wrapping the wire until it starts to wrap upon itself.

  5. Remove the start of the spiral from the sound nose pliers and gently grasp it flat with your chain nose pliers. Place the spiral so that the wire comes out the side, perpendicular to the pliers.

  6. Holding the spiral gently to not mar the piece, but firmly enough that the spiral does not slip, pull the end of the wire up to continue the spiral.

  7. Release the spiral and rotate it in the pliers back to the starting position.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7, building the spiral a quarter turn at a time, until the spiral is as large as you desire.

  9. When the spiral is big enough, hold the end of the wire with the chain nose pliers and bend the wire 90 ° to finish the spiral.

For projects that use spirals, see our wire work projects page.

To see how much wire to leave for a particular spiral size, see our spiral sizing charts.

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