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How to Straighten a Wire

We recommend straightening wire before using it in your work. Straightened wire is easier to work with than curved pieces from a coil.

There are two easy ways to straighten wire: with your fingers or with wire straightening pliers. If you plan to do a lot of wire work, we highly recommend using the pliers, as straightening large amounts of wire with your fingers can hurt after a while.

Straightening Wire with Your Fingers

  1. Grip the end of a length of wire with chain nose pliers.
  2. Close to the pliers, grasp the wire with your fingers.
  3. Squeezing gently, pull the length of wire through your fingers.
  4. Repeat if necessary to straighten the wire.


  1. Use a towel or rag when holding the wire in your fingertips to keep your fingers clean.
  2. If you hold the wire curving up, rotate your fingers slightly clockwise (if you're right-handed; counterclockwise if you're left handed) when pulling the wire. This will help remove the curve. Don't rotate too much, or you'll bend the wire in the opposite direction.

Straightening Wire with Wire Straightening Pliers

1. Grip the end of a length of wire with chain noise pliers in your non-dominant hand.
2. Grasp the wire gently close to the chain nose pliers with the straightening pliers in your dominant hand.
3. Holding the straightening pliers perpendicular to the wire, squeeze gently and pull the wire through the straightening pliers.
4. Repeat as necessary to straighten the wire.  

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