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How to Wire Wrap a Loop

Wrapping wire loops takes a little more time, effort and technique than making a wire loop, but the result is stunning.

If you are using thin wire (22 gauge and above), wrapping a loop is recommended.

Tools Needed

To wrap wire loops, you will need:

  1. Round nose plier
  2. 2 Chain nose pliers, which can be regular or bent nose pliers.
  3. Wire cutters

You will also need wire: 18g to 24g (wire gauge suggestions).

Steps to wirewrapping a loop:
1.Cut a piece of wire about 6" long and straighten it. Alternately, you can use head or eye pins.
2.Start by making a 90° bend in the wire about 2 1/2" from the end of the wire. Try to make this bend as sharp as you can.
3.Place the wire in your round nose pliers about 1/2" from the tip of the pliers. The back of the wire should be flush with the pliers.
4.Hold the pliers in your dominant hand with the bend of the wire points towards you from between the pliers. Your palm should be facing away from you.
5.Bend the end of the wire back, around the top of the pliers, with the thumb of your non-dominant hand. Go ahead and bend the wire around most of the way, but you don't need to bend all the way.
 Here are two images of approximately what your started loop should look like.
6.Now, Move the pliers so that the 3/4 loop you just made is on the bottom plier tip instead of the top.

Adjust the loop so that wire is tight against the pliers (i.e. the pliers "fill" the wire).

7.Push the end of the wire back under the pliers to form a complete loop.
8.If you look at your loop now, you'll notice that it is off center. Adjust the loop by holding the long end of the wire and rotating the loop over this end.
9.Remove the loop from the round nose pliers and grip the loop with one of your chain nose pliers in your nondominant hand. Grip other end with the second pair of pliers in your dominant hand.
10.Pull the end of the wire around back of stem. This will form the first loop around the wire stem, so try to wind it close to the wire loop.

After winding the wire about half way around the stem, stop and release the wire end.

11. Now, regrip the wire tip with the pliers, and pull up on the wire to complete the first wire wrap.
12.Continue in 1/2 loop increments to wrap the loop. Three wraps generally looks the best, though more or fewer may look better in your piece.
13.When you are finished wrapping, trim any excess wire, and bend any wire end into the stem.
  The completed wire wrapped loop.

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