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Brick Stitch (Flat)

The brick stitch is an off loom stitch that forms a brick like pattern similar to the peyote stitch. Brick stitch pieces are worked in horizontal rows.

Note: Most peyote patterns can be worked with the brick stitch by rotating the pattern 90°.

Brick Stitch Problems and Their Solutions  

Tools Needed

To work a brick stitch you will need:

    Beads, such as 11° seed beads (other beads will work well!)

Depending on your beads and thread, thread conditioner may also be needed.

The brick stitch process includes:     Making a base row    Starting a new row    Increasing Stitches    Decreasing Stitches   

Brick Stitch Overview

1. With the brick stitch, a pattern is worked by horizontal rows: the stitching on each row provides the base for the next row.

If you have a row of brick stitched beads (how you get this row is described later), you'll have the thread exposed on the top of each row.

2. To work a stitch, thread a new bead onto the needle, then pass the needle behind then back up through the top of the stitch in the previous row.
3. The needle is then passed back through the new bead, and the thread tension is adjusted.

It's that simple! That's the basic stitch of the brick stitch!

  The rest is just details about starting the stitch, adding a new row, increasing stitches within a row, increasing stitches along an edge, decreasing stitches within a row, and decreasing stitches along an edge.

So, let's get started with those details...


1. The brick stitch starts with the first row made with the ladder stitch.

We'll include the basics here, but for more details, please see our ladder stitch tutorial, which includes instructions for an alternate ladder stitch method.

2. Cut a length of thread, 36" (1m) is a good length and condition it as needed.

Thread your needle and add your first bead to the thread, leaving about a 3" tail at the end.

Pass the thread through the bead again to prevent it from slipping off.

3. Add the next bead to the thread, the pass the needle back through the first bead and continue the stitch by passing the thread through the second bead you just added.
4. Repeat the previous step as many times as needed to add beads to your ladder:
  • Add a bead to the thread.
  • Thread the needle back through the previous bead.
  • Continue weaving the needle around through the newly added bead.

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 Or skip ahead to later steps   > >  Increasing stitches   Decreasing stitches

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