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Single Needle Right Angle Weave (RAW): Starting the Next Row (even count)

This page is a continuation of our Single Needle Right Angle Weave technique tutorial.

There are four sections to this tutorial: Making a base row - Starting a new row - Increasing Stitches - Decreasing Stitches

At this point, you should have a base row made, except for the last stitch:

The threading of the last stitch in the base row is dependent on the number of stitches in the base row. The number of stitches is the number of vertical beads in the first row. For example, the picture above shows 5 stitches.

Once the base row is completed, the stitch is the same for even and odd count pieces. Only the transistions at the ends of the row are different.

Steps for Adding a New Row:

These instructions for this step assume you have an Even Count of stitches. If you have an odd count of stitches, continue here.
1. For the last stitch in an even count row, add three beads, and pass the thread through the horizontal bead of the previous stitch.

Then, thread the needle back through all the newly added beads so that thread exits the top of the stitch.

2.Add three more beads to your thread...
3. ... then pass the needle through the top bead of the last stitch of the first row.

Rethread the first of the newly added beads (a).

4. Add two more beads to the thread, then pass the needle through the top bead of the next stitch in the base row, back through the last bead (a) of the previous stitch of this row, then through the two new beads.

The thread should exit the bottom of the second bead you just added.

5. Continue through the top bead of the next stitch in the previous row.
6. Add two beads, and continuing with the figure 8 style weaving, thread the needle through the horizontal bead of the previous stitch, the top bead of the previous row, then back through the first bead you just added.
7. You'll notice at this point, the thread is in the same position as the beginning of Step 4. Pick up two more beads, and repeat steps 4 - 6 until the row is finished.
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