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What's New?


Single Needle Right Angle Weave (RAW): Decreasing Stitches

This page is a continuation of our Single Needle Right Angle Weave technique tutorial.

There are four sections to this tutorial:
    Making a base row - Starting a new row -  Increasing Stitches (along an edge) - Decreasing Stitches


There are two places to decrease a stitch using the right angle weave: within a row, and along the edge. Decrease within a row when you want to hide the decrease within the pattern.

Decreasing within a row

1. To decrease a stitch within a RAW row, pass the thread through the vertical beads of two adjoining stitches. Add two beads and continue the stitch as normal.

Take note of the thread tension on the decrease stitch: don't pull it too tight or the weave will buckle. Similarly, if the tension is too loose, you'll have a hole. Adjust carefully.

  Thread through the top beads of two adjacent stitches...
  ... then continue as normal.
2. In the next row you'll be able to weave normally. Take note of the thread tension around the decrease again, adjusting carefully.

Decreasing along an edge

1. To decrease a stitch at the end of a RAW row, stop weaving the current row one stitch from the end.


To decrease a stitch at the beginning of a RAW row, start weaving the next row at the second stitch from the beginning of the row.

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